Dear friends,

You are all inexistent, for all I know I only have a handful, but it’s ok, I don’t need anyone but that handful, nevertheless I am sorry for not keeping you guys updated. Well so much has changed and I feel like a new person, my concepts of life have changed, I always thought it was about school and finding the right girl but fuck that, I’m not tryna get married! Anyways, I now have a job, and no lie I’m boss in my position as a bagger so come through Mi Pueblo on Jarvis in Newark. What else? My baseball cards are back in my life and I’ve always been ashamed but fuck that I love them, I love reading the little notes, the stats , the history! Oh yea I love aiza!! She’s the beat friend ever! Well anyways thanks if you have me and fuck you if you had me!


Is hotter than nikki manaj!


Looking back at life, i am the least unresponsible person ever. I always wait last minute to do everything and today i worked for the first time and it was awfully boring, as every other teenager i was planning to waste alla my money as soon as i had the chance but now, should i? What if something happens and my dad loses his job? I need to save money to go to college, be more frugal, although it is going to suck balls, i needa do it, maybe reward myself every now and then, but i needa be responsible! i donno how i’m a do it, but i gotta change, im a working man! call me mr. cervantes :] (:

A look back at this year

This year had its up and downs, i found out who were friends for life and who weren’t. this year during school i didnt do as well as i can do, but oh well the past is the past. this year i met some really great people, such as Sinbad and Dean, and stayed friends with the best friend EVER AIZA <3, i also cut people out of my life that i do not need, frankly they bring my life down. i also learned not to trust people easily, because for all you know everything can be fine, but not for the other person, they do not care about you as you thought they did.  In conclusion i would like to thank everyone who helped me out this year in anything and everything, this year has been great, although i do not have much family in the bay area, i do now, my friends, who i know will always be there for me. thanks guys.

Sincerely Nani


is a butt face loserhead


I llove peers cause its the class i can use during life. Why the hell do i need to know who was the president during WWII? I dont but peers is the shiz, there are so many great people that just make my day better and i hope i do the same for them, all i want to do is congratulate everone on getting their badges, we needa take some team pictures By the way :p

When you find someone good, you don’t go and try and find something better


Chances are you won’t, and you’ll realize you fucked up major time. & once you want him/her back and you can’t get em back, you’ll have to live  knowing that you let a good one slip out your Vaseline fingers. Punk, Karma is a little bitch ain’t it

LIFE GOES ON: daniel bestfran cervantes

Dear bestfran,

Today, like most days, you called me a bitch.And today, like most days, it was humorous to me.But today, was a different day.

You are blunt, and straight forward and oftentimes that comes off as offending. As for I, overly sarcastic with dry humor, and oftentimes that comes off as…

Close People

Dude at time i think i have the best people in my life, like i can ask them for anything and they will do whatever they can to help me but like others we get into fights. I have known my girlfriend and Aiza for around the same time and we always get into fight and i wonder how i have been able to keep them for so long. they are both stubborn as Hell! Especially Aiza! Through these experiences i have learned, if you wanna have people you love, you gotta let silly arguments go and never give up on a friendship. Is it really worth to lose a friendship over something you can just say sorry to or let it go. I love you Aiza and Jodie!


I hate it how people always say wrestling is so gay and stuff like that. Wrestling is just a sport, it is so much fun, win or lose, i always learn something new. I have gained so much from wrestling, im healthier, stronger, but most importantly more respectful. I have learned people are different and arent as smart as others, as strong, as resilient but they are stilll people. I love wrestling, don’t diss it